Every dog owner would like to spend most of the free time with own pet. As we heard from our customers- some of them simply left dog at home- since they were concerned about several aspects of sailing with dog on board.
And that is alright if you would like to go on holidays alone, and you are having adequate person to take care about your pet while you are sailing- since as a dog owner I can say when bringing dogs with - requires some extra efforts.

But if you like to bring your dog with on your sailing trip- you should bring it- with just checking some things prior of your departure.
1.) check legal requirements to leave your country - for entering Croatia- your dog will need to have valid passport. More details for traveling with your dog abroad you can check with your vet.
2.) check with us- is your charter company pet friendly, or if you are just planing your holidays please send us request with note that you would like to bring your dog with Most of the yacht charter companies are pet friendly, and we will find adequate boat for you and your pet, but however some of the companies are not allowing dogs on boats, so it is good to check in advance.

Usually there is a small fee for cleaning for dogs on boat.

Dogs are usually happy sailors, and due to our customer and my own experience it has never been any problems. It is just necessary to go on shore more times than you would go usually, what is OK if you stay in marina, but it gets some extra efforts if you are anchored :)
Your dog will enjoy for sure walking in pine woods, and be your great companion for morning jogging or afternoon walks in beautiful natural surrounding of Croaian or Greek islands.
Make sure to take enough specific dog food with yourself if your dog is picky- maybe you won't find it in local stores.
We at booknsail.com are pet friendly- and always taking our dogs with us when sailing or boating!