Best Croatian wines to try in summer 2022

When you think of Croatia, we are sure the first thing that crosses your mind are friendly locals, beautiful coast and nature, extraordinary history, Mediterranean food and of course good wine. Croatians have a tradition of making wine since the 5th century BC. We have one of the best wines in the world. 


1. Dingač

2. Babić

3. Plavac 

4. Pošip

5. Malvazija istarska

Hedonists - that's what Croatians are! We really enjoy good wine and good food. That is why both is a big part of Croatian culture. We recommend you to be a real hedonist while on your perfect sailing holiday in summer 2022 and try our famous wines and eat good food. Be a hedonist, act like the locals! Just blend in the pomalo way of living!

We, Croatians have our own traditional way of mixing wine with other liquid beverages. In Dalmatia, we like to mix our wine with water. The name of this beverage is bevanda. In the north parts of Croatia, people like to mix our white wine with mineral water. The name of this beverage is gemišt. Try to mix one of our traditional beverages at home, we are sure you will love it! 

Your Marina from Book'n'sail team