Every year when my sailing holidays are close, as born organizer- I am organizing things few weeks ahead - and always I forget some small thing if I don't have my reminder list.
So that’s why I have prepared small list for you, and you can print it and use it as check list when packing your sailing bag!

It is easy to buy most of the things on the list anywhere in shops even on islands, but some of the things are quite annoying if you forget to take them with. From the personal care, it is very important to take your personal medicine on board, mostly because some of the things your are not able to find in local pharmacy / or you don't know what do you actually need if medicine is not same.

I am always taking paracetamol just in case someone has temperature, and TUMS or other medicine for heartburn - especially if some from the crew may not be moderate with food or drink as it is at home. One thing what is also very important (or most important) is a good sunscreen! I am always taking SPF 50 for my face, and several products for my body- SPF30 and SPF15 and SPF6- just to have nice tan without sunburns. But I also advise taking after sun products, something for soothing the skin- it is very easy to get sunburns on boat- much easier than during exposure on the beach.
It is very tricky especially with motor yachts, if the cool sea breeze is chilling- you are not having feeling that outside is 30-35 C and sun is very strong. Don't forget to take hat, cap or similar, it will help you for day boating and sailing, even with bimmini tent is on, you will need it for relaxing on the deck.
Regarding technical devices, It is important to take AUX cable- if you wold like to listen your own music while you are sailing. Some of the boats are having USB connectors (and some of them are not iphone/Ipod ready), you will find on some models also possibility to connect boat radio by Bluetooth, but it is safest to take AUX connecting cable, since all boats or 99% of the boats are having AUX in.
Boat electricity is 12V (unless having generator), and 220 V is only when boat is connected to the shore power. That’s why is good to have car charger, although newer models are mostly having direct USB connections, even some 2015 YOB sailing and motor yachts are not having USB connections - so it is good to take car charger with yourself.
If you are sailing during the off-season months- it is very important to take good sailing gear including sailing jacket and warm clothes. Good boat shoes / and boots are also very important. Take comfortable clothes- for one or more weeks without laundry service available on each corner.

For sailing during the summer period, take at least one light sailing jacket and one tracksuit or similar just
in case of the bad weather or summer storms. If you are asking me- and I am cosmetic addict-ant - it is quite important to take your essentials with, packed in smaller bottles and travel sizes.
If you are lucky enough to have Nespresso coffee machine on your sailing boat, catamaran or motor yachtdon't
forget to take Nespresso coffee pads with your self - it is not very likely you will find Nespresso store on islands :)
Also when doing groceries it is very important not to forget to buy condiments and salt, pepper, sugar if you are using any of these.

So this is just some basic to take- with sailing list - of course I believe you will make your own. Don't forget that boat has limited space and small lockers, so it is not good to take too much of anything. Also it is very important to take soft bags- you wont be able to store in the boat big hard suitcases, and even small but hard suitcase is not the best thing to take with.

One thing I also find very annoying is when I forget to pack salt- pepper and sugar- and it is not provided
on boat on the most of the cases. Most of the other things you are able to buy in the local stores, so take just very important things with you on your boat holiday.