Relax during your sailing holidays

Relax during your sailing holidays Taking a holiday is all about taking a time off from your usual routine. There is no better feeling than  complete relaxation and that is why we have prepared a list of ideas and activities for your perfect sailing holiday in Croatia in summer 2022: 1. A walk along the beach While sailing along the Croatian coats you will visit many islands and see some beautiful and hidden treasures of mother nature. Experiencing all of this you will feel more relaxed and more happy. That is why a walk along a beach or a forest with friends or family is one of our ideas for complete relaxation. 2. Yoga&Pilates What can be better for you than waking up early in the morning during your perfect sailing holiday and doing your yoga or pilates exercises on the boat. You will be one with nature while listening to the sound of nature. 3.  Sunbathing Reading a book and disconnect. Reading a book while getting a tan is the only multitasking allowed while relaxing during your perfect sailing vacation in Croatia. So lay on the boat and enjoy the moment and get lost in the fiction world. Your...

Renting a catamaran is better than renting a villa

Renting a catamaran is better than a villa   Here are some reasons, why is renting a catamaran a better solution than renting a villa: 1. Catamarans are floating villas Booking a catamaran in summer 2022 sailing holiday means you will have the needed luxury and you can go wherever you want along the Croatian coast. You have your private swimming pool everywhere you go. Renting a catamaran is really convenient for someone who don't like to pack/unpack every 2 days, because you can  be in the same luxurious accommodation and visit all the towns, islands, beaches... If the view on the sea is important to you, with a catamaran you will have the best view ever and always be the first row next to the sea! Catamarans are like  floating villas!  2. Luxurious sailing If you book a catamaran for your summer 2022 vacation, you are booking a luxurious sailing holiday. It feels like a floating luxury home! 3. Renting a catamaran is more affordable than renting a villa If you put everything together on the paper, at the end you will see that renting a luxury catamaran is just more affordable than renting a villa or more villas in...

Best Croatian wines to try in summer 2022

Best Croatian wines to try in summer 2022 When you think of Croatia, we are sure the first thing that crosses your mind are friendly locals, beautiful coast and nature, extraordinary history, Mediterranean food and of course good wine. Croatians have a tradition of making wine since the 5th century BC. We have one of the best wines in the world.  HERE IS A LIST OF BEST CROATIAN WINES: 1. Dingač 2. Babić 3. Plavac  4. Pošip 5. Malvazija istarska Hedonists - that's what Croatians are! We really enjoy good wine and good food. That is why both is a big part of Croatian culture. We recommend you to be a real hedonist while on your perfect sailing holiday in summer 2022 and try our famous wines and eat good food. Be a hedonist, act like the locals! Just blend in the pomalo way of living! We, Croatians have our own traditional way of mixing wine with other liquid beverages. In Dalmatia, we like to mix our wine with water. The name of this beverage is bevanda. In the north parts of Croatia, people like to mix our white wine with mineral water. The name of this beverage is gemišt. Try to mix...

Why should you spend your summer vacation in Croatia?

Why should you spend your  summer vacation in Croatia? You are still debating with your family and friends, where to spend your 2022 summer sailing holiday? You just want vitamin sea, vitamin sun and good food and wine? Then Croatia is the perfect destination! Here are 5 reasons why to travel to Croatia and sail along the coast in summer 2022: 1.  GOOD CONNECTED WITH OTHER COUNTRIES In the summer season Croatian airports are working non-stop and welcoming foreigners every day. You can fly directly from various cities in Europe. If you are on a budget, you can always book your low-cost flights via Ryanair or EasyJet, from a city in Europe to Zadar, Split or even Zagreb.  If you want to spend as less time as possible driving to Croatia, we advise you to drive on our "autocesta". If you are not in a hurry, we advise you drive on our "stara cesta" and enjoy the beautiful  view.  2. NATURE IS EVERYWHERE Once you enter Croatia the first thing that you will notice is the beautiful nature everywhere around you. Woods, forests, blue sea and rivers and white old stone houses will welcome you once you enter Dalmatia. Croatia is...

New COVID-rules in Croatia!

New COVID-rules in Croatia! We have great news for all tourists and sailors coming to Croatia in summer 2022. From 9. April on the Croatian government has decided to change the COVID rules - old rules are no longer active. No more masks in closed spaces (restaurants, shops, stores, public transfer). One of the best news is that tourist can enter Croatia! There are no restrictions! EU citizens don't need to have the EU pass to enter Croatia. The citizens of third world countries will need to have a COVID pass. Only medical staff will be obligated to wear masks, as well as patients and visitors in a hospital.  Wearing a mask will be obligatory for all people entering, working or visiting retirement homes. These are great news for all tourists and sailors that are spending their sailing holiday in Croatia in summer 2022 and we are happy to share them with you! Your Marina from Booknsail team

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