Sailing with children is real family holiday, and if you prepare everything in advance- it can be time of your lives, and something that both children and parents will talk about the whole year!

When sailing with children, good preparation is key of relaxed and stress- free holidays! If you ensure enough fun for your kids, you will also have enough time for relaxation.

Doesnt mater what age are children- todlers, kids 6-7 years old or tennagers- you should prepare both water fun toys and alternative as board games or books, in case weather is not so good as expected. Make sure that you take various water fun toys- inflatables, snorkleing equipment, towables, so they have plenty of new stuff, cause even the most energetic kids wont be bored.

When sailing with children safety comes first- children should be having life vests, according to their age and size. Please do inform us about children on board, so we can check if your provider is having needed sizes of life vests, and if not, you should bring your own life vest.

If your children are todlers, we recommend installing security reling net, please do inform us if you need this in advance, some of providers do offer reling net free of charge, some of them are charging from 50- 100 EUR/ charter.

In case of lousy weather we recommend to bring anti slip shoes and jackets.

Make sure to organize enough time for swimming in bays, so the other part when you are sailing is not too boring for kids.

Some of the bays are having great restaurants just on shore, and if you plan your route in advance, it is also possible to have relaxed dinner while kids are sleeping, while your boat is moored just on the waterfront, just a few meters from your table.

Older children usually love hiking, biking and other sports, so you can explore islands and have a good time with kids, there are lot of options on shore for renting bikes and sport equipment.

As said earlier, esential is to prepare route and activites in advance, so your whole holiday is great adenture or completely relaxing (based on what you actualy like more)..

Hereby we have prepared your list for things to bring with you to make your holidays easier!


- water toys/ inflatables, water guns and similar

- board games

- sunscreams high factor SPF 50

- esential medicine- paracetamol, sun-burn relief, anti mosquito protection

- antislip shoes and sandals

- sailing jacket

- hat


- life vests

- reling net


- routes with resturants just near to mooring key

- daily activities planing