10 reasons why skippered yacht charter is perfect choice for your next holidays on board

1.) If you have never been on sailing yacht, catamaran or motor yacht earlier..

Skippered yacht charter is perfect for 1st time sailors! Your skipper will make sure that you are enjoying your holidays, he will show you how to use boat toilets, where to find life-vests, and even how to steer a boat if you are interested!

2.) For discovering new destinations

Although you are experienced sailor or boater, you still might be bit stressed with new destinations. Hiring professional skipper will make your holidays relaxed, and you will also get insiders information about best restaurants serving local fresh food, hidden mooring line in front of crowded restaurants, or best place for relaxing. Local skipper will also have knowledge about local winds and weather conditions, so if you have never been sailing to Croatia, Greece, Turkey or Italy we recommend hiring skipper for the first time- and you will get most of your holidays!

3.) If you would like to try something new

You are hotel guest for a years? Staying 7 days on the single place sounds bit boring for you? We recommend trying skippered yacht charter- depending on your budget and preferences you can book sailing yacht with skipper, catamaran or motor yacht, and you will never be bored during your holiday again. Skipper will adopt his route to your preferences, so you can chose gourmet yachting trip, relaxing holiday with more swimming in the hidden bays or party holidays. If you would like to see ancient cities and places- decision is all yours!

4.) If you want to relax during your holidays

If you already have sailing certificate but you would just like to relax during your holidays and let someone else takes care about steering, moorings, entering marina and booking restaurants- skippered yacht charter is perfect choice for your yachting holidays.

Taking care about mooring? Not your ideal way to relax… no problem your skipper will take care about all of this formalities and boat safety for you. Finding place in crowded bays? It is not  your problem anymore, all of this things will be responsibility of your skipper, and together you will make sailing itinerary based on your preferences.

5.) If you don't have sailing certificate acceptable in your holiday destination

Maybe you are great sailor, but your sailing certificate is not accepted in the country that you would like to sail? In Croatia some licenses are not accepted (in 2017 none of the Australian licenses was accepted, so most of the clients not having RYA license or similar booked a yacht with skipper)

Skippered yacht charter is perfect option - you will also get know destination as a local and find out about best anchorages when hiring boat with skipper.

6.) If you would like to try new things

If you have never been on a crewed holiday earlier, trying skippered yacht charter in Croatia, Greece, Turkey or Italy will be great way of exploring new destinations.

7.) If you need to refresh your sailing knowledge

Even sailors sailing 10 years are sometimes going for skippered yacht charter. 10 years X 1 week is not a big experience comparing 20-25 weeks a year that professional skipper is spending on boat. Not only that they are experienced, professional skippers are trained for rough weather, and most of them are professional sailors as well. Many sailors are deciding to hire a skipper for a week for sail refreshment or also for learning better techniques of manoeuvring and sailing.

8.) If you have unexperienced crew on board

Sometimes you will be in situation that none of your friends have been sailing before, or they have just very little knowledge of boating and sailing. Sometimes if can be very frustrating, and you simply don't want to take all of this responsibility, especially not during your holidays when you should relax. In this case hiring professional skipper is again great choice for your yacht charter holidays. Finally you won’t be only person on board who knows how to catch the mooring ropes or how to steer the boat.

9.) If you would like to explore destination as a local

No one can explore destination as a local. Language barber will make even best sailors not experienced in destination as a locals. If you would like to experience destination as a local, eat in the cheapest and best local restaurants- not only ones reserved for tourists, see the best of the places - yacht charter with professional local skipper is great choice.

10.) If you would like to switch from sailing yachts to catamarans or motor yachts

If you already have certificate, and some experience on sailing yachts but you would like to try catamaran or motor yacht- even if you have proper certificate we recommend hiring professional skipper for the first time. Together with professional skipper you can practice manoeuvring and entering in marina, so next time you are trained for steering catamaran or motor yacht.