Renting a catamaran is better than a villa 

 Here are some reasons, why is renting a catamaran a better solution than renting a villa:

1. Catamarans are floating villas

Booking a catamaran in summer 2022 sailing holiday means you will have the needed luxury and you can go wherever you want along the Croatian coast. You have your private swimming pool everywhere you go. Renting a catamaran is really convenient for someone who don't like to pack/unpack every 2 days, because you can  be in the same luxurious accommodation and visit all the towns, islands, beaches... If the view on the sea is important to you, with a catamaran you will have the best view ever and always be the first row next to the sea! Catamarans are like  floating villas


2. Luxurious sailing

If you book a catamaran for your summer 2022 vacation, you are booking a luxurious sailing holiday. It feels like a floating luxury home!


3. Renting a catamaran is more affordable than renting a villa

If you put everything together on the paper, at the end you will see that renting a luxury catamaran is just more affordable than renting a villa or more villas in various cities along our beautiful Croatian coast. 


Your Marina from Booknsail team