Croatia, a land with more than 1100 islands is also a land with more than 1100 taverns, restaurants and “konobas” offering spectacular local food.

There is no better chance to explore Croatian gastronomy than sailing to beautiful Croatian islands, and eating in great local taverns. Some of this great spots are reserved only for sailors, since you are not able to reach them by car or any other way except by boat.
Many of local restaurants are offering free mooring spot or providing payed jetty with electricity and water for its sailing customers. Not to mention that ones offering free buoy will in the most of the cases wait for you with the rib boat, and help you with your mooring.
Fresh fish, great local dishes, fresh salads- some of them directly from the garden of your host, together with great local vines are dream come true for every gourmet!
A good variety - from very traditional restaurants as Pojoda in island Vis- offering local and traditional food of highest quality to modern menus as in Konoba Šakajet in Maslinica- island Šolta where you can try more modern menu by having monkfish in curry sauce with veggies or eating great sea pasta on completely new way- will make very hard choice for your sailing route - cause you won’t be able to visit all great gourmet spots in just 7 days!

When planing your sailing route ahead you want to include 2 meals a day although you need just one- simply it is so good choice of taverns, restaurants and konobas it is very hard to decide where to go.

For the first time in Croatia we recommend skippered charter, so your skipper can advise you about route, restaurants, and alternatives. Of course if you prefer bareboat charter- we have our own list of recommended restaurants- collected during years- from feedback of our sailors, skippers and our team- and we can e-mail you so you can check more details on TripAdvisor or similar sites before your departure.

For all sea food fans- we recommend trying local fish carpaccio, or tuna ham, fish peka (fish with veggies cooked under the oval lid), and fish brudetto - fish cooked with vegetables and potatoes in red sauce. In addition you will find restaurants offering great Frutti di mare pasta and risotto (prepared only from the fresh ingredients), great grilled fish caught just hours ago, and other local specialities as grilled calamari and similar.

If you prefer eating meat- you should try meat peka (meat roasted together with potatoes and onions under the oval meat), fresh lamb meat or any meat barbecue. There is also good choice of veggies for vegetarians, and in some of the restaurants you will find a great choice, some of them offering only basic things for vegetarians - it is good to check in advance.

From the local vines most popular are black wines: Plavac, Dingač, Pelješac and from white wines Malvazija, Pošip, Svilanac and continental Graševina.
Croatia has also great cheese- as Paški sir- very popular strong and salty sheep milk cheese from island Pag, and various gourmet cheese to offer. Also prosciutto is very popular as starter. In every coffee bar you will find great Italian Espresso, and others are saying pizza is also great.

It is definitely not easy task to stay fit during your sailing holidays in Croatia :D