Relax during your sailing holidays

Taking a holiday is all about taking a time off from your usual routine. There is no better feeling than  complete relaxation and that is why we have prepared a list of ideas and activities for your perfect sailing holiday in Croatia in summer 2022:

1. A walk along the beach

While sailing along the Croatian coats you will visit many islands and see some beautiful and hidden treasures of mother nature. Experiencing all of this you will feel more relaxed and more happy. That is why a walk along a beach or a forest with friends or family is one of our ideas for complete relaxation.

2. Yoga&Pilates

What can be better for you than waking up early in the morning during your perfect sailing holiday and doing your yoga or pilates exercises on the boat. You will be one with nature while listening to the sound of nature.

3.  Sunbathing

Reading a book and disconnect. Reading a book while getting a tan is the only multitasking allowed while relaxing during your perfect sailing vacation in Croatia. So lay on the boat and enjoy the moment and get lost in the fiction world.

Your Marina from Booknsail team