SAILING DIARY- Introduction

One week, 170 miles, Oceanis 48 and most beautiful islands in Croatia

First let me introduce myself and our small crew. I am mid thirties , holiday sailor- always sailing
with smaller groups (OK except once a year for a team building sailing regatta). My role is trip organiser, cash manager, and co- skipper (one who is catching mooring ropes).

Captain is my husband, with over 20 years sailing experience, early 40ties, keen sailor and knowing sailing area very well. He is excellent sailor, also sailing in regattas.

Crew are our two teenage boy and my best friend + 3 small dogs. We have been sailing together - same crew now already 5 times or more, and more or less almost always in same period - end of June— first week when school is finished- and week in which we have 2 bank holidays. Our crew is quite lazy and not willing to help with moorings, but therefore they are washing the dishes and making sure our boat is tidy :)

We have booked Oceanis 48 from Kaštela- 5 cabins/ 3 heads layout and this will be our 3rd time sailing out for the 7 days with the same sailing boat. We booked this sailing week already during November, to make sure we will get exactly this week and this boat!

We are from Croatia, but still having plenty of places to discover along amazing Croatian coast.

Dogs are sailing every year minimum 3-4 times a year, so I can say they are experienced sailors :)