First time sailing or first time on boat? We have prepared some essential and very important info & advises to make your yacht charter as more comfortable!

If you have never been on sailing yacht, motor yacht or catamaran earlier, here are some basic things that you need to take care of- and also that you need to be aware off when chartering a yacht.

1.) YACHTS HAVE LIMITED STORAGE - small loackers, small wardrobe closets and limited space. Take essential things with you- it is not like you will need much more than a bikini and few t-shirts :)

2.) IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO WALK IN HIGH HEELS ON A YACHT- so leave all stilleto shoes or hide your wife's shoes- due to fine wood deck it is not allowed to walk in high heels. And not only you will damage boat, it is also for your safety :)

3.) IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO THROW TOILET PAPER - don't throw anything in the boat toilets- not even toilet paper! Boat toilet hoses are simply too tiny and they can get blocked very easily. That's why you will find small disposal bin under the lavtory or in the toilet, and you should throw tissue paper there. It is most common fee on the check out/ unblocking toilet fee- and no one wants to clean this s* out  for free!

4.) DON'T STEP ON THE WINDOWS- this is also one of the things happening very often in charter- pepole are stepping on the windows or they are leaving them open when sailing and tearing off them when sailing (with the rope). Don't say on the check out it is not your fault becuase no one put sticker on the window! Simply you shouldn't step and you should keep them closed when sailing!

5.) INFORM CHARTER BASE IMMEDATELY - in case of hidden defect/ damage- not noticed on the yacht check in/ official briefing. Due to huge turn overs at one day it is possible charter staff didnt notice some defect or damage from previous crew. If you notice something like this after check out- please inform charter base immedately.                                                           

  • in case something is not working properly. Charter base has 24 hours deadline to fix the things out  (without compensation), and in most cases it is fixed within few hours

6.) USE THE HOLDING TANK  IN BAYS- not all toilets are connected to holding tank, and holding tank should be open. Inform yourself during check in which toilet has holding tank- and how to turn the valve to use the tank. Use the holding tank toilet during the boat is anchored or moored in marina. When sailing outside don't forget to open holding tanks- they need to bee open as soon as possible- othewise if they stay closed for few days they can get blocked and they have terrible odour. Make sure to empty holding tanks on the open sea before your arrival in charter base. 

7.) MONITOR THE BATTERIES VOLTAGE- battery voltage shouldnt go below 12,1V (check it on the panel). If you notice voltage is going down, turn on the engine and let it for up to 3 hours to re-charge the batteries. Even water pumps are consuming electricity so try to use as less as possible during anchorage. Keep the refirdgerator on the slow cooling- it will consume less electicity than when turning on/off. 

8.) THERE IS NO 220V DURING SAILING - unless you have generator or inverter on board there is no 220V during sailing or anchoring- so take your car chargers with you. In Marinas when your boat is connected to the shore with a cable, there is regular 220V and EU sockets. Some of the newer boats are having USB sockets, so you wont need car chargers.

9.) YOU NEED TO REFILL GAS- on your last day you will need to refill gas to return your boat with full tanks of diesel- prepare yourself for a long line in the main season- everyone is refilling Friday afternoon!

10.) SAVE WATER- Take a shower in marinas when possible- otherwise you will need to refill water tanks every day!

now when you know essential dont's you are ready for youryachting & sailing holidays!

Happy Sailing from team