1. Sailing yacht gives you the ultimate freedom

You don’t like the beach in-front of you ? No problem, pull up the anchor and choose a new one! You would like to go in more quiet surrounding, current village is to much for you? No worries, drop off the mooring lines, there is another marvelous and calming place just around the corner.

Unlike in hotel, where you are not able to change situation without changing hotel, sailing yacht holiday gives you ultimate freedom now and immediately. 

  1. You can visit as many places you like during one holiday

Dinner in the elegant city of Split in Croatia, driving jet ski in the stunning Bol on island Brač, partying @ island Hvar, discovering alluring and fascinating Vis, sightseeing in magnificent Korčula- sounds too much for one week holiday ? No, it is just a small part of a standard central Dalmatian sailing one week route..

  1. You can wake up each morning in the new place

Every day is new adventure for you. You are the master of your adventure, wether you like slow and relaxing rhythm, or sailing 40 nautical miles a day- choice is all yours! Each morning you can wake up in the new stunning bay or port, or you can stay couple of days there if you love it! 

4. Sailing holidays are both active and relaxing holidays 

Sailing itself Is fun and active way of spending summer holidays. If you prefer more relaxing holiday you can simply sun lounge on the yacht deck, and spend some time while reading books, magazines or simply relaxing. For the full comfort like in luxury villa, crewed charter is the best option.

5. You can jump in the sea first thing in the morning

Is there anything better than jumping straight away from bed into the turquoise blue sea first thing in the morning? Or any time during the day, before lunch, after the lunch, and all time having almost private beach without any summer crowds…

6. You can swim in the most beautiful hidden bays without crowds

Almost whatever bay you like, you can anchor there, even in the most hidden ones with no-people or only few fellow sailors like you are, and swim in the Chrystal blue sea, dive, or simply relax on the flamingo or air mattress… 

7. Water sports were never more accessible 

If you like Stand Up paddling, Kayaking, kite surfing, free diving, sailing holiday is perfect holiday for you! All your Watersport equipment is loaded on the yacht, and ready to use anytime!Just imagine starting your day with active morning, stand up paddling in the most dazzling surroundings….

8. You can discover completely secluded and exceptional places

Most of the islands are uninhabited, and some of them have very tiny population, just enough to have one sea-food restaurant or coffee bar, without cars and almost isolated. No summer crowds, no queuing in lines, and total quietness guaranteed.

9. Sailing yacht is perfect for Yoga and mediation

Bring on your yoga mat, cause deck of the sailing yacht is perfect place for Yoga and mediation. Breathe, relax, enjoy the moment!

10. Sailing holidays are great way to spend a holiday with family and friends

Sailing yachts and catamarans are mostly having from 2 to 5 cabins, in average 3& 4 cabins. So there is enough room for one or two families, but it is also great for couples only, in order to relax and rejuvenate. Booking a holiday for a group was never easier.

If you are still not sure is the sailing holiday right holiday for you, contact us, and we will answer all of your questions and doubts. We have been sailing ourselves for a long time, and can give you personal recommendation on yacht type and sailing destination. Sailing in Croatia, sailing in Greece, Turkey or Italy, each destination has own advantages and special charm. Bareboat yacht charter, crewed yacht charter, sailing yachts, catamarans and motor boats are our speciality.