Sailing catamarans and power catamarans are new trend in yacht charter industry

Wether it is smaller bareboat sailing catamaran 39-40 feets, or medium range catamarans 42-46 ft hired without or with professional crew, or large catamarans from 47-52 feets rented mainly with professional crew but sometimes even bareboat, or high end super luxury catamarans 56fts up with more than 150 square meters of living space, hiring catamaran for super luxury sailing vacation is becoming new trend!

Number of sailing catamarans in yacht charter offer in Croatia and Greece doubled up in just few years, due to significantly higher demand for catamaran charter bookings.  Most popular catamaran brands are Lagoon catamarans, Fountaine pajot, Bali catamarans. Most popular models are Lagoon 40, Lagoon 450, new Lagoon 42, and Lagoon 46

So you are wondering what is all hype about ? We will try to expain you here main advatages of booking sailing or power catamaran. 

  1. Catamarans are offering much bigger living space than the sailing yachts       

 With extra large cabins, mostly without cockpit seats just above your head and no plastic bulbs just half meter from your bed, catamarans are offering same level of the comfort as luxury villas. 

In most catamarans each cabin is having own head with showers, so there is no need of sharing bathroom with the others. Saloon is much larger than sailing yacht’s saloon, and much lighter due to large windows and elevated position. Catamarans are having large cockpit, and large deck space, with mast located on the saloon roof, offering great space in the fwd deck and in some larger models additional fwd cockpit. From 42 ft up, most catamarans are configured with large fly bridge, designed for sun-bathing and lounging. With all of this above, catamarans are simply offering luxurious space for relaxing, and all our clients are coming back thrilled with the level of the comfort and living space on board!

  1. Catamarans are not having keel/bulb and can anchor in shallow waters

Another advantage of the catamarans Is that they are not having keel, and draft is only 1,1- 1,5 meters, so they can anchor in beautiful turquoise shallow waters. Imaging waking up in such surrounding! Even the most beautiful bays are great place for anchoring. 

  1. Catamarans are offering much more privacy than classic sailing yacht

With 2 separate hulls connected with saloon, two families or group of friends can be completely separated, with privacy of own hull. It is almost like sailing with 2 yachts!

Large space in aft, fwd cockpit and fly bridge is offering enough room for private holidays and personal space. 

  1. Catamarans are more stable than classic sailing yacht

Thanks to two hulls, catamarans are less leaning a side during the windy/ wavy weather.

  1. Saloon in catamarans is fully elevated and offering great view

In classic sailing yachts saloon is usually located central in the yacht, with small side windows and surrounded by cabins, almost without any view what is happening outside. Catamarans are constructed always with elevated saloon on top of the two hulls, with large windows- offering 360 degrees view all-around. Not only that you can enjoy beautiful sea views all the time, it is also great for sailing during the rough weather!

6. Crewed Catamarans are better than luxury villas!

With professional crew - skipper, hostess and on larger models a cook, luxury catamarans are offering same level  of comfort as luxury villas, but with unbeatable views! Moreover, every day you can wake up in luxury catamaran surrounded with different breathtaking view, and all of these while hostess is preparing super healthy or super sweet breakfast for you - choice is all yours! Luxury sailing and power catamarans are fully equipped for longer autonomy in bays if wanted, with stronger dinghy and ob engine, water toys, Nespresso machines and all amenities like most exquisite luxury villas on the sea. is expert on yacht charter offer, with local knowledge in Croatia, top nautical destination. Check the offer of CATAMARANS in CROATIA, and book early, best boats are most likely to get booked very early!

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