We have arrived in our charter base in Marina Kaštela around 11.00h and had a coffee there waiting our yacht to be ready at 13.00h as agreed with charter base. We also did some small last minute shopping for the things that we realised we are missing. Of course, we managed to visit 3 different stores to get all of this “small” missing things, that we could simply order with another food to be delivered on our sailing yacht.

First we solved out formalities in charter office, as crew list - tourist tax etc. We have also rented 2 SUP (Stand Up Paddle boards) and one donut (water toy). Girls in the office were very friendly and helpful. Paperwork was done very quickly and smoothly. We just almost forgot to pay provisioning.

After 13.00h when our yacht- Oceanis 48 was ready, we had a short briefing by one of technicians about basic things/ using electric toilets, changing valves, position of fuses and switches, and a yacht handover. This was really pain, since it is aired our third time with the same yacht, and we would like to go out as soon as possible to reach Hvar- Pribinja bay- before the others.

Although we have paid early boarding - taking over the yacht at 13.00h / instead of 17.00h, we have not been quick as I expected- and not been sailing out immediately.
It took some time to load SUPs, water toy and tons of fishing equipment. By the way you need to have fishing license in Croatia- and it is possible to purchase it online for 3 day, 7 day period or more. This is very important, cause you can be find if fishing without permit.

Our captain has permit for whole year round so we didn't had any problem. Weather was not really good as expected, and although it is 2nd part of June, during the day it was very windy- North wind 20Kts with gusts on the open sea up to 30Kts. Also sea was 2-3.

I was not prepared to have such weather forecast- I already planned our route, and good luck was at least wind was in right direction to sail to Lastovo island in next 2 days, but only problem is that sea was to wavy, and I don't like it.
Most of the other boats in Marina Kaštela were not planing to go out because of unusual weather conditions for June.

Around 16.00h we loaded all our things on boat, found our captain who was already lost somewhere in marina, and finally sailed out to Pribinja bay- island Hvar.

Our sailing friends recommended konoba Arsenol (great tavern with great sea food and view) as a perfect choice for 1st or 2nd night, and were talking about great food for sailors for already last 2 years, so we needed to check this out.

Outside it was quite windy, and wind was only getting stronger. Sea was very wavy, so some of the less experienced crews would stay in marina Kaštela for sure. We were surprised that sea temperature was already 26C and indeed sea was very warm- we were sitting on our large bathing platform and soaking our feet more than half trip to Hvar.

Distance was approximately 21-22 miles, but we needed more than three hours since we were not going much quicker than 6-7 miles thanks to big dinghy (4 meters + 30Hp outboard engine) which we are always towing behind us. We have been motoring part of our trip, and bigger part of our trip we were sailing.

We have arrived around 19.30h, and immediately when entering one nice lady came to help us out with the small boat, later we found out that she is the owner of konoba Arsenol. She already got all information about our arrival by application MYSEA and our buoy was waiting for us. I had gave her a ring in the meantime, since latest arrival should be until 18.30h, but we were arriving later, just to make sure that our spot is secured for our boat. After a short preparations/ e.g changing clothes, and checking that our Oceanis 48 is safe and secured, we hopped in our dinghy heading to konoba Arsenol for a fine dinner with spectacular views.

As you can see in the photo gallery, Konoba Arsenol is really great- with the beautiful sea view. I can still not decide what is better, spectacular sea food or great sea view.
We have been eating great fish soup, sea food, and kids were eating meat- everything what we ordered was extremely delicious and fresh. Both waiter and owner were very nice, and they offered to get the fresh bread for us in the morning.

During the night, sea was very rough, and since this bay was not very well protected from the North- West winds, we had very wavy experience. I don't mind sleeping when boat is moving, but captain was awake few times to check is the boat still securely moored for the buoy, and friend and one of the kids sleeping in the bow were woken up by the strong noise of the ropes clashing to the boom.