After a quick morning swimming and a coffee, we decided to move away from the wasps and bees, which were flying around the cockpit and making stress to my younger son.
So we set our sails heading to Vinogradišće bay, Pakleni islands near Hvar.
My friend wanted to go in Vinogradišće since we like to lounge in Laganini lounge bar, or to have lunch at Zori - one of the nicest restaurants in the area- or to eat something in Toto’s.
Vinogradišće bay is beautiful, with turquoise blue water- but every year more and more crowded. During our trip to Vinogradišće it was not much wind, so we were more motoring than sailing. We have arrived to our destination in the afternoon.
Before arriving to Vinogradišće, I have called guy for buoy reservation. When approaching to bay, we were so disappointed - it is simply overcrowded after they have installed boys here. If my friend who desperately wanted to go here was not with us, we would for sure turn back and continue to next bay in Pakleni islands, which is for sure less crowded. And in addition we paid for a buoy almost 500 HRK for Oceanis 48, and it is a way too expensive.

We were already prepared not to sleep this night since it was a young people flotilla just next to us, listening to very loud music. And then there was a Batman, motor boat who tried to overcome the other music with own cheap techno lounge music.
Captain was in stress, because motorboats are not turning in same direction and the buoys are very close to each other- so there was a risk that we can clash to each other.
We had been swimming for a while, while kids were complaining all the time because of naked Austrian couple , moored just next to us, and naked Austrian guy on the other boat- from the other side. I don't mind that they are naked, but this bay is really not the best place for being naked unless you are exhibitionist.
Again, there were many wasps flying in the cockpit, and my son was panicking all the time. Finally he was wasp picked his hand, and we had full drama on board.
He put some ice, but later doctor said it is completely wrong it is necessary to put something warm - cause poison is thermolabile. Luckily he mostly has late allergic reaction (after 2 days usually), so we had enough time to do to Hvar in the morning and collect some prescription anti-allergy pills from the pharmacy.

We had a dinner at Toto’s and it was good as usually. After eating all of this great lunches I cannot say it was great- but still it was good. I guess we are bit spoiled now.