Surprisingly night in Vinogradišće bay was very quiet, and young party crews went to bed very early :)
We had good night and sleeping in the bay was very good, despite we were surrounded with many boats.

Our day started with coffee on board of Oceanis 48 sailing yacht, in one of the most beautiful bays in Croatia. Morning in Vinogradišće was very quiet, and you would never say that there is 40-50 boats around you- it looks like everyone sleeps or if they are awake, they need few cups of coffee.
Day was just perfect for the swimming. Kids took SUP’s and were paddling around sailing yachts and motor yachts. We (adults) and dogs were not interested for morning swimming, we wanted to have an espresso in Hvar.

It is very easy when you have big dinghy (4 meters) with 30 Hp, we needed less than 10 minutes to Hvar city centre. Kids stayed in bay again, now paddling around our Oceanis 48. Hvar is always beautiful. It has something very special in this beautiful island and city- and with all these great motor yachts and catamarans moored on the waterfront and around- it looks very luxury and fancy.

I was pleasantly surprised seeing new Mlinar bakery located in the centre - not overpriced like other local bakeries, with same great choice as in Zagreb, we immediately did some breakfast shopping there, and picked up medicine for my wasp-boy.
After shopping and visiting pharmacy we had enjoyed coffee at the Hvar waterfront, with beautiful view- sailing yachts moored next to mega motor yacht on the Hvar waterfront. Me and my friend also took small walk in Hvar to see is there any new or interesting place or shop- just that we are informed :)

Going back to Palmizana and Vinogradišće bay with the dinghy was not so nice as it was coming in Hvar. In the meantime, sea was bit higher and dinghy was jumping all the way back. I really don't like it, but captain was never slowing down, so we were very happy when finally reaching our Oceanis 48, and almost sea sick.

After arriving back on board of our Oceanis 48, we decided to continue our trip and sailed to Milna Brač for the fuel refiling. There we had some ice-cream on the gas station while dogs were jumping out on the island.
Our last stop was on the Čiovo peninsula/ just in Kaštela bay on the way back to our base. We anchored just on the bay entrance- and had a healthy lunch / fruit and veggies there. Now everyone was swimming since it is our last day of our sailing trip, and it is necessary to use time as more as possible.

Me and my friend had (already 3rd time during our week) hair treatment on board. It is great to put hair mask after washing hair on deck, and to leave it on hair for 15-20 minutes, while sunbathing on the deck. Hair mask has better results when left and heated, and this is better than any saloon :)

I was so sad that we need to go back in our charter base in Kaštela- and definitely one week is not enough. Either we need to go sailing again end of August or we need to take two week charter next time.
Because return in base until 18.00h is mandatory Fridays, we have sailed back to our base Kaštela and arrived just in time.
Comparing with all other beautiful places that we have visited in last few days, Marina Kaštela is like coming back to the big city.