In our original sailing trip plans we have planned to sail directly to Lastovo island, bay Skirvena Luka (40 nautical miles) in our 2nd day, since we really like this beautiful island. Lastovo island is quite far away from other islands, and most of the sailors are including Lastovo only in 2 week route when starting from central Dalmatia- Split region.

As every sailor knows, when sailing, you are never able to plan exact route- you always need to consult the weather forecast, and to check dynamic wind charts - best for Croatia on During morning wind was only getting stronger, and sea was even in our bay very rough, we decided to stay longer in Pribinje bay, and to have another lunch here - food was so delicious!
There were several boats next to us, including 2 big sailing catamarans, once motor yacht and mostly sailing yachts, but most of them decided to move somewhere in the morning, despite of the weather conditions, and in the meantime 2 very noisy crews with terribly loud music arrived with large Lagoon catamarans.

During our early lunch (13.00h) we decided to move further in beautiful bay Dubovica - south side of the island Hvar which offers better protection for the north and north-west winds. Dubovica bay is just next to small place Milna (not to mix with Milna on island Brač, it is Milna on island Hvar) Dubovica is only 10 nautical miles from Pribinja bay. Immediately after our crew agreed to move to Dubovica, I have booked a buoy via app MySea, and we were ready to go!
Kids and dogs were excited to go in the other bay where sea is smoother so they can use SUP-s. Everyone was already bit bored, since Pribinja is small and beautiful bay but not offering many alternatives to swimming or fishing when weather is not so nice, except hiking- and no one awanted to walk.

Outside on the open sea, was very windy and it was worse than day before. Reaching the south side of the island Hvar was very rough. Waves we're coming from both north and east side, and we were so happy by passing horn Pelegrin, and reaching more calm part of the Hvar channel.
We have arrived during afternoon in Dubovica bay, but we were unpleasantly surprised that all buoys in this beautiful bay are already occupied, and owner left us buoy in-front of this restaurant which is actually in Milna bay, next to Dubovica bay- which is not even nearly beautiful and not protected as Dubovica bay is.
I have tried to convince him to give us last available buoy in Dubovica what he was keeping for other yacht, but he was very inexorable.

We were so upset not getting buoy that we wanted- that if weather was not so rough outside- we would go further for sure! But since it was very windy we didn't had any other choice and we accepted to moor there.
We didn't wanted to go even for a drink in his tavern, protesting - but I think he didn't care a lot. Despite of initial stress we had very good afternoon here- discovering small beach nearby - which was almost our private sandy beach- and the sea temperature was also great, around 25C.
This was our first swimming stop, and was so worth to come here. We have prepared light dinner on the boat- zucchini and eggplant baked in the oven with tomato sauce and mozzarella and was very delicious.

Since we moored almost on the open sea, our Oceanis 48 was rotating around the buoy all night long. This time crew was sleeping very well.