Day 3 - Monday- woke up so happy since weather forecast was finally better!

We had a coffee in Milna- just next to the sea - tables and chairs are like one meter from the sea. After some small shopping (captain forgot to take razors after visiting shops and online shopping) and getting things from the bakery, we sailed directly to Lastovo island- to the bay of the Skrivena Luka.

I’ve made again booking for jetty this time, via MySea app, to make sure we can come later in afternoon without worries for the mooring spot. This time we would like to moor our sailing yacht for the pier, so dogs can go outside by themselves, not barking from dinghy as last few days/ when they want to go out.

Skrivena Luka is beautiful and offers great shelter for almost all winds- but finally, now it was already almost calm. On our way to Skrivena Luka, Lastovo, we had some wind for light sailing and Oceanis 48 sails very nice. Our sailing yacht was bit slower because of towing big dinghy, but usually it sails very nice.

In Skrivena Luka we already had lunch last year, and came back to eat great home made pasta with Lobster again. I think, all of us will need to go for a serious diet after this week!
Lunch/dinner in restaurant Porto Rosso was great again, and we tried great seafood appetisers as fish carpaccio, marinated fish, sea grass, and we have been drinking great Malvazija Kozlović with our lobster with home made pasta.

Since our captain had serious back pain (wouldn't bee the first time) we decided to rent a car from Monday afternoon to Tuesday mid day- to go for a pharmacy and visit the island.
After our lunch we took over the car, and went to place Lastovo in the pharmacy. By the way although Lastovo looks like completely without any facilities - there is an ambulance, and pharmacy.
We have visited Lastovo, Ubli, Zaklopatica, Pasadur and did some shopping near Pasdur (we forgot to take inflatable madrases with us so we purchased new ones).

Pasadur is really beautiful and now I am already planing for some future visit, to come one day in Pasadur, and next day in Skrivena Luka. It has deep bay, surrounded by small islets, and some kind of army tunnel- similar like on island Vis. Pasadur has shore moorings with electricity and water and one good looking (and smelling good) tavern next to Hotel. We didn't liked Ubli that much, I was hoping it is bigger. It looks quite out-dated, and small houses are worn out.
Zaklopatica is beautiful- we were moored in Zaklopatica few years ago, but now we discovered Skrivena, and our kids prefer more to go to Skrivena - only because they can swim immediately next to the boat.

Of course kids didn't wanted to go exploring Lastovo, they have stayed in Skrivena bay swimming around our Oceanis 48.