In the morning we woke up, and went for a coffee in Restaurant Porto Rosso. We have collected the fresh bread which we actually order last evening - it is a great service offered to sailors from the restaurant.

Our rent-a- car was still with us, so we decided to visit Hum, which is tallest spot on Lastovo (more than 400 meter height) and viewpoint on the Lastovo island. After driving in very narrow and curvy road we reached Hum, and it was so worth it! The view from Hum to rest of the Lastovo, Skrivena Luka and Pasadur is simply breathtaking! We did some great photos- even with reduced visibility.
Local people told us that when visibility is better you can see Italy from this spot. We have visited another view point from which you can see Zaklopatica bay, and returned back to the bay of Skrivena Luka after short road trip.
Guy from the car rental company collected the car around 11.30 and after short swimming we decided to sail to Mljet island. I have found via application contacts of konoba Herc and called them to reserve a mooring for our Oceanis 48 sailing yacht.

We have been in Mljet last year, and noticed this very nice restaurant, last one in Pomena, in the North direction, and with electricity and moorings.
All the other restaurants in Mljet are having moorings as well, but they are one next to another one, and it is not possible to swim around the boat - what was very important - and imperative for my kids. Also other restaurants are too close to the boat- one meter- not more, and restaurant Herc has small wooden plato, so boat is 2-3 meters or more from the restaurant. We liked this more, it is much nicer when sitting in cockpit to have small distance.
We haven't tried food in Herc before, so we were bit skeptic / it sounded too good to be true :), best spot in Pomena, free mooring, electricity and good food- and kids can swim around the boat.

Immediately when we arrived nice lady and guy helped us with the moorings, and then we spotted a Greater Amber Jack attached with a rope floating under the pier! I was so excited since after 2 days in a row eating shrimps and pasta frutti di mare, I really wanted to eat a fish. And a greater amber jack is one of my favourite fish! Crew agreed immediately that we will have a fish steak for a dinner, after swimming and SUP-ing around the boat! Do I need to say food was delicious ? We had great starters, excellent fish steak with best mangel that I was eating out of home ever.
After our dinner we had nice walk in Pomena, visiting local souvenir shop and stocking up with new hats, perfumes and refrigerator magnets.
I wish someone had told us earlier that they are not killing mosquitos in Mljet! Since Mljet is a national park, they are not treating mosquitos at all. So we realised around 22.00h that our boat is like full with mosquitos, it was like more than 100 of them inside!
And shop was already closed, so we couldn't buy anything. We had some kind of natural spray - but it was not helping at all - believe me you need to buy something very strong like Autan to treat this blood-suckers.
Our captain together with kids took wet towel and they were killing mosquitoes for another 20 minutes.

It didn't help a lot. We had like minimum 20 mosquitos in each cabin, and we had anti mosquito curtains, but not helping since cabin doors were open. We were woken up between 03.00- 04.00h by mosquito sounds, and were killing them over and over again