Rent your yacht in the oldest city in France - Marseille. It is located in the south of France and is one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean. Marseille has a long history and is truly a cosmopolitan pot. Apart from the beautiful beaches, you can visit many cultural events and experience an unforgettable holiday.

If you are in the city on June 21, you will witness the whole city as a great concert stage - at that time Féte de la Musique is held, a great music festival with free concerts. If you are a sailor, you must visit the Museum of European and Mediterranean civilizations in the form of cubes. Part of this spectacular building is under water.

The old port of Marseille or Vieux-Port is the most popular place in town where old yachts and wooden fishing boats can still be seen. Do not miss the morning fish market! Chartering a yacht in Marseille gives you the chance to try “bouillabaisse”, world famous fish dish coming from this area.