Campania, a region in the south of Italy is famous for its rich pastures and fertile land. Campania is one of the cradle of Greek-Roman cultures and certainly deserves a visit during your vacation in Italy.

Rent a yacht in Campania, anchor in the Bay of Naples and prepare yourself for exploring the surroundings. For history-lovers, visit to Naples is not complete without visiting the infamous Pompeii and Vesuvius. Naples is not just a birthplace of pizza, which has to be tried, but is also known for its short and very strong coffee. After feeling energized, set sails to the picturesque Procida, the smallest island in the Gulf, close to Naples. It will delight you with pink, yellow, blue and green houses that rises above the azure sea.

The mandatory part of Campania's sailing is a southeast trip to the spectacular coast of Amalfi, which is listed on UNESCO World Heritage list. It is also one of the best hiking places in Italy, the most popular trail being the “Way of the Gods”. To the south of the Amalfi coast is Salerno, a safe harbor where you can visit the cathedral of San Matteo and the Roman aqueduct.

The best time for sailing in leisure time is without a doubt from April to June, if you want to avoid the crowds and heat of July and August.