Are you planning your perfect vacation and don't want to leave your four-legged friend behind? Do not worry as we have put together all the information you need to make your next sailing vacation an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Before you go

Pet regulations vary from country to country, so be sure to keep yourself informed in advance of the required documentation, as well as the regulations on quarantine in your chosen tourist destination. It is best to contact local authorities for this information. In Europe, you will need a pet passport that must be signed by an officially approved veterinarian. You should also ensure that your pet is a microchipped as this should be a requirement in almost every country.

Safety on board

If your pet is active, it may be appropriate to attach safety net to the outside of the boat. Furthermore, cats and dogs must always carry life vests (as should their owners, of course). You can also use a harness if it's too warm outside for your animal to wear a vest. That way, the pet will be comfortable, and you can still easily help them out of the water if needed.

Sun protection and seasickness

Animals can get sick from the sea while sailing, just like humans so make sure there are always enough shaded areas on board to allow your pet to rest and that fresh water is also always available. There are many medicines available (even from human medicine) in case your four-legged friend still gets sick. We suggest asking your vet about to put together a little first aid kit just in case.

Further tips for boating with pets

Playing on the beach and in the water can be a real treat, especially for dogs. But remember that even on a boat, when the family is relaxing in the sun, your pet should not be bored. So pack enough toys and make sure to keep your pets busy.

Make small nooks on the boat where your cat or dog can feel safe if you want to leave while sailing. Put a few blankets or toys from home in this corner to make your pet feel as comfortable as possible.

Before you book a boat for your sailing holiday, check if your charter agency accepts pets on board and if there are any extra costs (usually there are). Contact our Book’n’Sail experts and we will find the right charter partners for you and your pets!