SAILING DIARY- Day 5 Wednesday- going back to central

First thing that we did after having our coffee on board, we went to local shop and bought tons of anti-mosquito spirals and sprays. We wanted to try out anti mosquito bracelets, but they were sold out- guess why ?? Kids were swimming a bit, and we had another coffee in konoba Herc, before heading up to Lovište/ Pelješac which is first point on our way to our home bas Marina Kaštela, and Wednesday is day when you need to sail slowly back to base.We were not sure should we go to Lovišće, since captain was there in several occasions and he would like to try something new, so we found a nice bay on app, just before Lovišće bay- Duba bay- and called a guy to leave us a buoy. Later we discovered we didn't called him, we called his father who has restaurant in Lovišće. We sailed to Duba bay and arrived midday. It was nice sailing in Korčula channel, Korčula really looks beautiful, and I have been there few times, but somehow I was feeling sorry not going this year again there. One week is never enough for sailing, swimming, discovering new places and visiting old. I...

SAILING DIARY- Day 8. Saturday and Check out

Advantage of being in base is that you have many showers, shops and coffee bar just behind the corner. We have used all of this advantages, and finished packing our things what we already started yesterday. Check out needs to be before 09.00h, so we had our things out already before 08.00h and boat was empty and prepared for the check out. We did some light boat cleaning- washing dishes and also washing cockpit- to ensure easier check out. Then we did last photo session on board of our great sailing yacht Oceanis 48. Me, my friend, kids and dogs went out for a coffee and breakfast in marina Kaštela, while our captain was doing check out together with yacht charter staff.Check out went smoothly, we didn't made any damage to sailing yacht or to equipment, so captain was quickly ready for going home. After this sailing trip we have decided that we need to spend more time sailing- so for sure we will go for one full week more in the high season, and maybe some spare day or two if any boat would be available on the dates we are able to sail 2 days.I will definitely sail...

SAILING DIARY - Day 7 Friday

Surprisingly night in Vinogradišće bay was very quiet, and young party crews went to bed very early :)We had good night and sleeping in the bay was very good, despite we were surrounded with many boats. Our day started with coffee on board of Oceanis 48 sailing yacht, in one of the most beautiful bays in Croatia. Morning in Vinogradišće was very quiet, and you would never say that there is 40-50 boats around you- it looks like everyone sleeps or if they are awake, they need few cups of coffee.Day was just perfect for the swimming. Kids took SUP’s and were paddling around sailing yachts and motor yachts. We (adults) and dogs were not interested for morning swimming, we wanted to have an espresso in Hvar. It is very easy when you have big dinghy (4 meters) with 30 Hp, we needed less than 10 minutes to Hvar city centre. Kids stayed in bay again, now paddling around our Oceanis 48. Hvar is always beautiful. It has something very special in this beautiful island and city- and with all these great motor yachts and catamarans moored on the waterfront and around- it looks very luxury and fancy. I was...

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